Prepping for Mudder Monday

Prepping for Mudder Monday

The Commish’s first Muscle Up!!

Quick post tonight…

1) Congrats to Ashley and Joe!!! You guys are awesome and we wish you two a lifetime of happiness..

I know many of you don’t recognize Ashley, typically this is what she looks like:

2) Mudder Monday Movement Prep:
We will be rocking some overhead squats tomorrow. So I want you guys to do your homework and prep the body for movement. Nevermind what your coworkers think, if you’re making the painface in your office while cracking your hips open. Tell them to put their muffin down and join you!

Not familiar with the overhead squat? Here you go!

CrossFit One World Movement Library – The Overhead Squat from crossfitoneworld on Vimeo.

See you guys tomorrow at the 9am or 6pm!

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