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Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Partner Up

AMRAP 30 – Split Reps as Needed

100x Double Unders

90x DL (135/95)

80x Wall Balls (20/14)

60x Hang Clean (135/95)

50x Burpees

40x Push Press(135/95)

30x OH Swings (53/35)

20x Front Squats (135/95)

10x Bar Muscle Ups

INT: 115/27; Chest to Bar Pull Ups

BEG: 95/65; Kipping Pull ups or Ring Rows

“They say that great beasts once roamed this world, as big as mountains. Yet all that’s left of them is bone and amber. Time undoes even the mightiest of creatures. Just look at what it’s done to you. One day you will perish. You will lie with the rest of your kind in the dirt. Your dreams forgotten, your horrors effaced. Your bones will turn to sand. And upon that sand a new god will walk. One that will never die. Because this world doesn’t belong to you or the people who came before. It belongs to someone who has yet to come.” – Westworld

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