Planting the Seeds of Strength

Planting the Seeds of Strength


In today’s world where kids are fed a diet of video games, cell phones, and sugar, it’s been really cool to witness our summer CrossFit Kids program. It’s disheartening to see kids chained to Ipads and Xboxs, when deep down they crave to be outside, running, jumping, and playing. The greatest gift you can give to a child is a feeling of strength and confidence. I’ll never forget my dad showing me how to bench press when I was 9 years old. I literally felt like I was I was the strongest person in the world.

That feeling is exactly what Coach Mo and Kendra are providing to roughly 20-25 kids this summer. Not only are they learning how to move their bodies correctly and becoming more athletic, strong, and happy…they are being taught valuable lessons. Lessons unfortunately that are not being taught in school. Every PSKC CrossFit Kids class starts with a topic of the day. Some of the topics this summer have been about:

  • Honesty
  • Leadership
  • Being a team player
  • Learning about Boston
  • Basics of proper hydration and nutrition

The seeds being planted into these kiddos brings nothing but delight to everyone that gets to see it. These lessons extend far beyond the gym. There are all kinds of stories of the young ones going home and trying to teach their parents how to squat and do burpees. Lil Q goes home and proudly shows his mom what all he can do. He is even up super early in the morning hitting sled sprints getting ready for football.

They are developing a love for lifelong fitness. Yesterday, we had the CrossFit Games on the big screen and some of the kids sat in amazement and immediately had new heroes. What’s really neat is being able to watch the little ones work out with their parents. No better way to strengthen family bonds then with some burpees and squats.
The summer PSKC CrossFit Kids program is coming to an end. However, this vital program will definitely continue yearlong. We’re working out the details, so please stay tuned to Facebook and the website. Also, if your kid didn’t get a chance to make it down we’d love to have them join us for the yearlong program. Email for more details.

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