Planning for the Open

Planning for the Open

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The CrossFit Open is fast approaching and we’re hard at work training, prepping, and putting together a bunch of incredible things for you all this year. We’re pumped that we already have a bunch of folks signed up for the 6 week Open and a lot of the folks are first timers! If you haven’t signed up, you need to…go HERE to register.

This year we are assisting our good friends at CrossFit Endeavor in putting on the MidWest Community Throwdown at the Arnold Sports Festival! It is going to be a weekend full of CrossFit awesome.

It just so happens that the first weekend of the CrossFit Open falls on the same weekend. So that Friday (February 28th), you’ll have the unique opportunity to do the very first 2014 CrossFit Open workout at the Arnold!  It’s an insane atmosphere doing the Open at the Arnold…tons of competitors, spectators, and an electric environment. So we highly encourage you all to do 14.1 at the Arnold to be apart of the madness. Plus you can stick around on Saturday and watch the team competition!

Go HERE to register for the Open at the Arnold. We are doing our workouts during the 11am-1pm time slot. If you’re doing the team competition, your registration is free!

We understand if you can’t make the trip, no worries, we will still provide you guys the opportunity to get it in at PSKC. However, due to the fact that a bunch of us will be at the Arnold for the weekend, we will have you guys do the first Open workout (14.1) that Sunday at 5pm. After that first week, we’ll start doing the Open workouts on Saturdays.

After the first week we’re joining our good friends CrossFit Countdown in Ashland and CrossFit Thunder in Huntington to host the workouts at a different location each week! So each week you’ll have the opportunity to join the rest of the Tri-State CrossFit community in doing the CrossFit Open!

14.2 (March 8th) – will be at PSKC

14.3 (March 15th) – will be at Countdown

14.4 (March 22nd) – will be at Thunder

The workouts will start at 2pm. If you can’t make the trip, no problem. We’ll provide you guys the opportunity to knock it out at Saturday morning in the gym.

As you can tell this year doing the Open is going to be an incredible experience. We don’t want you guys to regret missing this, go get signed up and participate!

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