Personal Coaching Program

Personal Coaching Program


“Thank you so much, I feel like I’ve finally found my groove.”

Working out takes 1 hour out of your day. The other 23 can be tricky filled with lots of opportunities to get off track. That’s assuming you’re on an assigned track with a specific program to follow.

Ever wonder what nutrition might work best for your lifestyle? Paleo, Zone, Macro, Intermittent Fasting, Carb loading, butter in my coffee? All these things can be super confusing.

The 1st step to success is to arm yourself with knowledge.

The 2nd step to success is have a coach hold you accountable.

“My work pants are literally falling off. It’s time to go shopping!”

That’s why we are proud to introduce the Personal Coaching Program. A few weeks ago we rolled out an experimental personal coaching program and the results we achieved were incredible.

In 30 days, our participants lost:

Person A: 9lbs and 4 inches

Person B: 8lb and 5 inches

Person C: 15lbs

More importantly they gained knowledge to institute healthy eating habits catered to them.

Who is this program for? Anyone wanting to learn more about individualized nutrition and/or performance program(s) or someone wanting to potentially gain a coach dedicated to them and their progress inside and outside the gym.

How does it work? The first step is to schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation with a coach. During this consultation you and a coach will sit down and discuss current eating habits, lifestyle, stress levels, sleeping habits and personal goals. At the end of the session you can decide to purchase a 1 time follow up session where a coach will design an individualized program for you. Or you can decide to purchase a month long coaching program that involves weekly (4 x 30 minute) progress/accountability sessions.

There’s no risk or obligation for the FREE 30 minute consultation. Sometimes you just need someone to guide you along the path and hold you accountable as you get started. That’s exactly what this program is designed to do!
If you’re interested just click HERE to email us and we will schedule your FREE consultation!

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