People Are Awesome..

People Are Awesome..

People are awesome…but there’s a common theme throughout the video: having the physical ability to do these tasks. No one can be awesome sitting on their couch.

Your body is a tool capable of incredible things. But you’ve got to train it, punish it, perfect it in order to be able of doing awesome things.

Granted, I’m not talking about the things in the video, I’m talking about your own version of awesomeness.

Losing 20 lbs

Quitting smoking

Being stronger at 40 than at 20

Running around with your kids..

Having energy, helping others, and doing it with a smile.

If you’re ready of your own version of awesomeness, we’re ready for you.

Our next intro program kicks off on Tuesday at 630pm. Email to grab a slot.

Additionally, this Saturday is February’s  Bring a Friend Pain Clinic. If you’ve got a friend whose never been to the gym, have them come down this Saturday at 9am to show them what we’re all about!

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