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Grab that partner that is the peanut butter to your jelly.

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Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

You and your Partner have a fun 26 Min AMRAP ahead of you.

P1- Max Effort Double KB Cleans or DB Cleans

P2- Runs 400m’s

-then you will switch

P1- Max Double KB FS or DB FS

P2- Runs 400m’s

-then you will switch

P1-Max Single KB or DB Step-Ups

P2- Runs 400m’s

-then you will switch

P1-Max Plate Burpees

P2- Runs 400m’s

-Prescribed weight for KB’s (53/35) for DB’s (50/35)

-Prescribed weight for plate burpees (45/35)

-Step Up you will use a single KB or DB

-How to perform Workout-

At 3…2…1…Go, partner 1 will Start on Max Effort KB or DB Cleans their choice, while partner 2 takes off for a 400m run. When Partner 2 returns they will tag Partner 1 and then they will take off for a 400m run and Partner 2 will pick up KB or DB and perform Cleans until P1 returns. Once both Partners have ran and done the movement at that station, that station is complete. Move on to the next one. You will repeat process for the 26 min’s. Your score is total number of reps of all movements. Have Fun.
Pain Versus Discomfort

There is a common misconception about pain. Pain is not what we feel inside of a conditioning workout, or the tail end of a heavy squat set. Real pain is different – what were feeling during those sets are truly feelings of discomfort.

Pain is when we are walking through the garage and step on a nail.

Pain is when we loose a limb.

Real pain, is when we loose a loved one.

CrossFit isn’t painful. It’s uncomfortable at times, but – it’s not pain.

This is a perspective change on how we approach workouts.

Today, let’s get uncomfortable.

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