"Out of 100 men in battle.."

"Out of 100 men in battle.."

modern day Thelma and Louise..

So the special 4:30 Pain Clinic blew the lid off the place. Hopefully the Daily Times captured what we are all about. I can’t really remember what the hell I said…all I remember is that I didn’t cuss (just for you mom). Anyways, I’m anxious to see what it will look like..but I’ll use this space to describe what PSKC is..

First off, PSKC is not about me…I didn’t create this style of training…all I did was take the workouts I was subjected to the military when I was fortunate enough to be assigned to a unit full of the best and brightest America has to offer…I took what I learned there and combined that by learning and following some incredibly smart and talented people who will know more about fitness than I ever will…and through the grace of God and by surrounding myself with some very smart people I opened the doors to PSKC, where all we offer people is cast iron kettlebells, burpees, sleds…and pure grueling hard work.

The main point of this training….is to make you strong in every aspect of your life. In our community, strength is a scarce resource. The root cause for becoming the “Hillbilly Heroin” capital of the world is weakness…plain and simple. We allowed ourself to become weak. The far majority of us sat by idly and let this shit happen….but you may be thinking…this ain’t my problem, I’m not a druggie…it’s exactly that kind of weak attitude that plagues this area…strong people take a stand.

Well what the hell does difference does a gym make? I don’t blame for you asking that question, because you’re probably used to the conventional gym setting…where quite frankly not much goes on. But PSKC is different….it attracts ass kickers…ass kickers will face any obstacle and be the ones standing at the end….ass kickers want to make a difference….and it turns out ass kickers are some of the best people this area has to offer. These ass kickers, are teachers, little league coaches, Doctors, nurses, Correction Officers, veterans, business owners, moms, grandfathers, students. And it’s these ass kickers this community needs…these are the people whose strength will see us out of the hole….


This new found self confidence and capability carries over to their personal life…where now they are armed and equipped to tackle the challenges to make our community better.

Okay…so what are they doing to make the community better? There is no solid text book answer, but the bottom line is that they are trying to do something. At a bare minimum they all are setting example by wanting to become better through hard work…they are becoming an example of strength for their sons/daughters, husbands/wives, friends and family….they are choosing the hard path over the comfortable existence. This leading by example is exactly what we need….we need people who do…not just talk.

The days of saying “it’s not my problem” are over…you’re either on one side of the problem or the other…you either want to see this place get better, or you don’t give a shit..which does nothing. For those of you don’t give a shit….that’s fine…your life must be a weak and meager existence and you ultimately serve no purpose other than self gratification. I feel sorry for you….for when the day comes that you will face a true test..you will fail, you are “nothing but a target”.

Read this quote…..Of the battle that we are faced with which category do you fall into?

“Of every one hundred men in battle, ten should not even be there. Eighty, are nothing but targets. Nine are the real fighters, we are lucky to have them since they make the battle. Ah, but the one — one is the Warrior– and he brings the others home.” — Commonly attributed to Heracletus, 500 BC

To win the battle, it’s warriors we need….and it’s warriors that PSKC produces….for the hottest fires makes the strongest steel.

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