Zak Lafontaine

Why are you here?  Whatever your goals may be, whether it’s looking better in a bathing suit this year, keeping up with your kids/grand-kids, competing in fitness events, or any other test of physical and mental endurance, there is a place for you at PSKC.


For years, I did the “bench on Mondays, bi’s on Wednesday, legs on Fridays (if I had time)” routine coupled with running and stayed in decent shape.  By all accounts, I felt like I had a good idea of what fitness was and considered myself to be a fairly good athlete.  Then, I checked out PSKC.


Now, an Electrical Engineer by day, I’m the “Coked Up Werewolf” by night.  The intense yet simple workouts and movements caused changes in me both mentally and physically that I had never experienced before.Shortly after joining PSKC, I began competing in various fitness events and challenges.  This feeling of training for a purpose made the overall goal of “getting in shape” much more invigorating. Once I became heavily involved in all things fitness, I truly developed a passion for the movements and helping others.


I love Olympic Weightlifting and will compete in about anything.  My beautiful wife (Erica a.k.a. “Baby-Momma”) and I are expecting our first daughter in July, and I look forward to being able to keep up with her when she starts running all over the place like a wild woman.


I truly enjoy coaching others and helping them excel past their wildest expectations.  That moment when something you say just “clicks” with someone who is struggling, or seeing someone hit a big PR (personal record) is unparalleled.
CrossFit Coach

Zak Lafontaine


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