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Growing up I lived for sports, if there was a ball involved count me in. The game I loved the most was basketball. There was just something about this game that every time I stepped on the court I wanted to go hard every single play. I always loved the opportunity to dive after a loose ball or being called upon to guard the best player. I was never the best athlete but I knew NO ONE  would out work me, and I took great pride in that. After high school I tried feeling that void with all kinds of leagues and any pick up games I could find, never was the same. Fast forward 14 years later I found myself 270 pounds, and a heavy smoker. I knew in my heart at this point and time in my life there needed to be a change, I just didn’t know how.

  I am a man who definitely believes in God, and believes He knows what is best for us and sometimes He interrupts our lives with people who will give us tools to make us better, to get us where He wants us. Insert Dale King founder of PSKC, I almost missed him coming in that day at work. I am forever thankful I spoke with Dale briefly that day about the gym, He told me to come down a check it out if I was interested. A few days later I can remember getting on the scales something I never did never wanted to see the number. I saw the weight and was completely overwhelmed. It just wasn’t that I didn’t want to be fat anymore, I wanted to feel alive again.


I was tired of being unmotivated! I called Dale that afternoon set up my intro. I had no idea what to expect walking in that day. Had no idea what crossfit was, let alone what the heck a kettlebell was.  As I went through the intro there was just something about it that had my attention. When it came time to workout, I’m pretty sure my coaches had 911 on stand by. It was horrible, miserable, painful, but I found myself loving every minute of it. The more I came the more I feel in love with this “sport of fitness” . Just like basketball every time I step in the gym I want to go hard every single rep, I just love the work and hustle.


So fast forward another 4 years, now I’m a level 1 coach. Now I’m able to give back and introduce people to crossfit for the first time. Its awesome to see people come into our intro classes and watch them progress and become part of the PSKC family. PSKC didn’t just help me lose a few pounds, they helped me get my life back. The coaches would be right next to you every single day encouraging you to do one more rep, not letting you give up. They gave me the tools I needed to live a healthy and productive lifestyle. It has given me a confidence I never had before. The members that make up PSKC are the most amazing people you will ever meet. They are now as close as family. I always say you will come for the workouts but you will stay because of the community. Couldn’t imagine life without PSKC.


Michae Longmire – Hammer
Crossfit Level 1 Cert.
CrossFit Coach

Mike Longmire


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