One Event After the Other..

One Event After the Other..

Summer is here and this time of the year things start CRANKING around PSKC. After the Gauntlet I had some time to think and reflect on just how busy we’ve been over the last few weeks. Here’s a quick recap of the madness of the last month or so..

A month ago a crew from the gym traveled out to New Jersey to pay homage to my mentors at the Training Room and compete in the Tactical Strength Challenge (max deadlift, max deadhang pullups, and 5 minute snatch test).

3 weeks ago around 20 of us showed up to support the Annual Hike for Hospice. So we decided to team up and push a truck for the entire 5K, including the last 1/4 mile which was on an incline.

2 weeks ago for Memorial Day weekend we had a group of animals attempt and complete the Burpee Mile Challenge.

Then of course this past weekend was the Gauntlet…which was completely amazing. We’re still gathering all the video/photos and will be having a more detailed post once we get everything together.

And we just started June!!! As you’ve figured out we’re always looking for fun, challenging, and adventurous things to get into it. Life is all about the memories you make. So stay tuned…the summer is just starting!

If you’d like to get in on this crazy action, our next intro course will be offered this Friday at 6:30pm. Shoot me an email at: if you’d like to grab a slot. You won’t regret it.

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