On Saturday PSKC Hosts the USMC

On Saturday PSKC Hosts the USMC

The shirt in action! Only a few are remaining..
ladies tank…come and get them!

Local Marine Recruiter SSG Matt Rogers and PSKC are teaming up to host the tri-state region’s future Marine recruits. PSKC will open its doors to put on a half day of physical training to prepare these young men and women to become warriors. And we couldn’t be more excited about it!

0730-0830: Saturday Pain Clinic. Early riser special!
0830-0900: Volunteers for the USMC event arrive and get briefed on their assignments for the event
0900-1200: Training for the Marine recruits!

Thank you to the volunteers who are helping run this event. We greatly appreciate it! If you’re not doing anything, feel free to stop by on Saturday morning and cheer these guys on. They will need all the help they can get!

See you crazies for the super early morning Pain Clinic at 0730!

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