Olympic Lifting Seminar

Olympic Lifting Seminar

So what exactly does Olympic lifting consist of? Two lifts…
1) Clean & Jerk
2) Snatch
Below is a compilation video of some of the strongest freaks out there.

All day Saturday I had the unique opportunity to learn Olympic Lifting from one of the foremost experts in the sport, Charles Staley. My homies at Crossfit Legion put on the seminar and we made the trip down to get our clean/jerk and snatch on.

My only regret is that I couldn’t stay both days of the seminar. But the wealth of information provided in 8 hours was fantastic and I’m eager to implement more and more Olympic Lifting into my training programming. If anyone in the Southern Ohio ares is interested in learning these lifts the correct way …..let me know!

Another great week of training at PSKC is lined up. Tomorrow you can either come to the 6 or 7 o’clock class. Let’s see if some more folks show up to the 7 class…that way we can balance out the madness a little more. Looking forward to seeing you guys this week! Lots of fun in store!

PS…don’t forget your shirts! If you don’t pay for them by Wednesday…I’m opening them up for public sales.

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