Olympic Lifting – 101 Friday 5pm

Olympic Lifting – 101 Friday 5pm

Still have a few slots remaining for the Olympic Lifting 101 class on Friday at 5pm. Introductory price for this class is $15 and is a prerequisite to attend the Olympic Lifting Classes starting next week. If you don’t attend Friday’s special introductory offer, you’ll have to schedule a 1 on 1 with a coach at a cost of $25.

For Friday’s class we will cover the following:

Warm-up: dynamic and skill specific exercises for O-lifting

Set-up: How to get into a good starting postition, this is huge. “a good start equals a good finish”.

Positioning: developing body awareness and a “feel” for the 1st Pull, 2nd Pull, and 3rd Pull

We will cover technique for the snatch, clean, and finish up with the jerk. We are not trying to stick a specific timeline on this class. I would estimate an hour and a half.

*Rumor has it we may even have a women’s bar by Friday?

Also since we’re having this class on Friday at 5pm, the regularly scheduled 5pm Strength & Conditioning will be cancelled.

See you guys on Friday at 5pm! Come ready to learn!

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