October Testimonials

October Testimonials

“All you need to know there is greatness in America; is come to a class at your neighborhood Crossfit gym, and talk to the people there. Forget the politics and the policies , I am not talking about that. Talking about the people. It helps if you are in a charming small town like Portsmouth , OH!

Tonight I met a man called Rue on his first day back from nearly a year off due to a terrible road traffic accident. You’d never know his story had he not told you. What a delightful spirit.

You owe it to yourself to try, no one will judge you or mock you , please dispel such notions. We accept you as family from day 1.”


“Six months ago, today, I started on a new quest. I entered a gym called PSKC. Severely, out of shape and a little scared. I met a man called the ‘HAMMER!’ Since then, I have lost 47 lbs and I’m off all my meds! Today, I would like to thank my daughter, Kendra, for pushing me to join PSKC. Also, Brandon, her husband, Hammer, and everyone else at PSKC. I have always been family oriented but, PSKC has become my second family. Everyone welcomed me and encouraged me and I will forever be in your debt. I have developed some wonderful relationships with new friends. My life style has totally changed and I feel great! Love You, All!!! HAMMERSTRONG!”


“Just left Healthy Partners at work…all labwork perfect, BMI perfect, blood pressure perfect😁 in which I get money for as well😉I am 42, the healthiest, leanest, and strongest I’ve ever been…all because of a little hard work, consistency and a group of awesome people that I’ve been blessed with for the last 6 years. So glad I walked in that old warehouse door!”

“Yesterday was my 6 month anniversary at PSKC. I am an one on one client of Cindi Hay . She has helped me transform my life! Just keep reading- I also had blood work drawn on my 6 month anniversary, cholesterol down from 212 to 154. Hgb A1C down from 6.7 to 5.5. Down 36 pounds. Wearing a size 12 jean from an 18. Got a job promotion 2 weeks ago based on my job performance. $7/hr raise. All this possible because of cross-fit, an excellent trainer, showing up 3 times a week and God. It’s not over night but it does happen.”


“The picture on the left is from 2014 and the picture on the right is 2016. Next week marks my two year anniversary at PSKC. Physically there is some improvement but most of all I am a lot healthier. I don’t wake up at night sweating anymore, I don’t wake up miserable and grouchy, and my life has improved drastically for me and my family. I want to invite people who may be embarrassed or backward to PSKC. You see it’s not a regular gym surrounded by mirrors and weight equipment that you have to figure out on your own how to operate or don’t have a clue on a program that fits your needs. PSKC offers you a certified coach at all times that will stretch you, and walk you through every movement or exercise that is scheduled that day, so yet another plus you just show up and do the workout. The staff/members are some of the most positive people in our area. They will cheer you on and not let you fail, you will become part of the gym family. So if your on the bubble and wanting a healthier life come drink the water it will be wealth worth it.”


“Just left Dr’s office. Blood Work, BP, and BMI in check!! 54 and pill free!! CrossFit works couldn’t maintain without!!”

“It’s my 1 year anniversary @pskc_crossfit . Words can’t describe how this pic makes me feel !


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