"No other gym like it"

"No other gym like it"

Beast Mode is Back!

Back at it! Monday we started off the workout with a task based triplet focusing on strength and skill.

3 X Heavy Barbell or double thrusters
2 X Rope Climbs
5 X Strict Knees 2 Elbow or Toes 2 Bar

We ended with the 15:15 protocol (15 seconds of work / 15 seconds of rest) on two stations. Each station lasted 7 minutes.

1. Pushups and Ring Rows
2. Swings and Slamball

Today we kicked off spending some time working on gymnastic skill development by working on kipping pullups and handstand/handstand pushups. These movements are complex and require bodyweight mastery throughout multiple planes. Pound for pound gymnasts are some of the most freakishly strong people out there.

After the skill development is was time for the nasty, it’s name was “”Meritorious” and it came from Gym Jones

30 X Handstand Pushups (or KB Press each arm)
40 X Pullups
50 X Swings
60 X Swings
70 X Burpees

C-Glock on summer break after the workout

The summer morning classes with Mo aka the Cyborg are getting packed! We had 13 folks there this morning. Make sure you check them out if you get a chance. 9am on Tuesdays and Fridays. We also have Ann Marie’s Running Clinic on Wednesdays at 9am as well. So that gives you 3 morning options throughout the weekdays.

The past month we’ve been having record attendance at classes and the intros. The sole reason for this success is you guys! I cannot thank you guys enough…we are retooling the way we work our referral system to make sure we take care of the people who have monthly memberships. If you pay as you go, the referral system is pretty simple. For each person that comes to the intro, you get a free workout. What we’re thinking about doing for the monthly folks, is when you refer X number of people you will get either some free Paleo Kits or some sweet PSKC swag. So just make sure you are keeping track of the people you refer!

Speaking of which…PSKC intro is tomorrow at 5pm. We always love to see more pain faces! Still on the fence trying to figure if it’s for you or not? Here’s what Chris had to say after today’s workout..

“Thank you all for the extra motivation! I needed it. No other gym like it in the world! You guys are awesome!”

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