No One Likes a Bad Snatch

No One Likes a Bad Snatch

Tonight we introduced the highly technical skill of the Olympic lift, the snatch. For 45 minutes we did nothing but sweat and labor with a PVC pipe going over the basic skills. Only after technique has been drilled can we then start to work on weight. But we all must have a basic grasp before we can move onto the next level.

You guys did great and started to pick up very quickly on the mechanics and all the moving pieces. It’s now up to you to practice this skill/lift on a daily basis in order to start refining the basics and becoming a better lifter. And guess what…if you can snatch your ass off…everything else is gonna get a whole hell of a lot easier for you.

Also, here’s a tip. You can go to Lowes, and purchase a 5ft long PVC pipe for $1.17 and work the mechanics in your living room. You don’t have to wait until you’re at the compound to go be awesome.

Below are some videos that should help you and make a lot more sense now.

By the way, did you ever think you’d be in love with Olympic lifting? Pretty kick ass right?

You ready now?? Go load up a bar with around 435lbs and snatch it!

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