No Going Back After the Start Line Has Been Crossed..

No Going Back After the Start Line Has Been Crossed..

Some days are worse than others. Some days you’re the hammer, some days you’re the nail. Some days you just want to give in, not show up, hell maybe not even come back. In a simple word…QUIT.

It’s too hot
You didn’t drink enough water
You ate too much bad food
You’re too tired
Every muscle/bone/joint hurts

Every plausible reason not to show up plays over and over in your head. But yet you want CHANGE. You don’t want what you accepted and settled for in the past. Maybe sometimes against your will, a friend drags you in. You know the workout is gonna be a bitch ahead of time. But yet you show up and suffer. Because sometimes suffering is the only way to sacrifice, and sacrifice brings the transformation.

Recently I read a post by Mark Twight of Gym Jones…his words rung very clear to me, so I share them with you.

“You bite it off – and you chew it. Then you swallow and you smile even when you want to choke. Why? Because you crossed the start line. You said it. You began it. Now you f@!king-well finish. It’s OK to negotiate with yourself along the way. It’s normal if you want to quit. You just can’t. Instead you do what it takes to make yourself keep going. After all, it’s what you said you wanted. To be confronted. To be set ablaze. To … Be … Transformed.”

Never settle….keep moving…keep transforming. 
I am constantly amazed by the efforts you all produce…day in and day out..week in and week out. 
Keep being awesome PSKC. 
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