New Years…

New Years…

Victim Today Warrior Tomorrow

January 1st, 2008 Today is a day to look forward and leave the things that drag you down. Sit down read an inspirational book, movie or go watch someone you know compete in a sporting event. Think, think about what you want to achieve then write it on the white board. Come in put your goal on the white board, we will keep it there all year. Many of you will set multiple goals because one is just too easy. Don’t let the 1st of the year be your motivation for change, do it because someone told you that you couldn’t. What are you capable of?

Will you compete in a triathlon, CrossFit Games, martial arts, high school sports or is 2008 just going to be another year? Give yourself the rocking chair test, when you are 80 years old sitting on the front porch, are you going to regret not taking a chance at something? If the answer is yes, choose your goal and put it on the board. Everyone has the opportunity to compete and win, it wasn’t until I witnessed the following that I believed it:

1-Caroline deadlifting 245lbs with a big SEG on her face

2- Cara the first time she could break 90 in her squat then proceeded to clean and jerk 75lbs

3-Brian the first time he put a kettlebell over his head, knowing that he would walk tall the next day

4-Tonya knocking out pullups, oh yeah and getting engaged – congrats

5-J getting 3:20 on Fran and realizing that he can still get to sub 2:30. Training to walk on to the finest football team in the nation, knowing he will succeed

6-Sara getting a look as if she should be on the platform earning a gold medal for her O-lift Snatch finally performed by the numbers

7-Vic cussing me under her breath while doing 40 burpees for not showing up 3 weeks straight

8-Mike jumping on the 24″box with ease and snatching a 55lb KB like it was a barbie bell

9-Eric jumping 51″ and celebrating by cutting a mohawk in his hair

10-Sherri making a triumphant return and setting an example to women that you too can be born again hard. Meeting Eddie and realizing the two have enough drive to power a train

11-Aaron pushing through frustration and learning the squat clean

12-Ilya making his mean face in the pictures while achieving goals he didn’t imagine

13-Sam refusing to do kipping pullups

14-John throwing down beats during his Krav sessions after working out for a couple months

15-Heather telling her salon clients that she does barbell cleans for her workout

16-Jeff showing off his football pendant from stomping a hole in the Wolverines when he played for OSU

17-Jeff K figuring out how to do the kettlebell swing, connecting his head to his hips

18-Chuck trying to warrior his way through a workout after a shoulder injury

19-Nate learning how to push and lead from the front

20-Shannon coming home from Iraq and bringing the whole family in. Cat learned how not to swing a KB

21-Dave the maniac doing Fran as prescribed and oh yeah getting his heart rate to 230

22-”Doc” Mendel finishing Linda in 30 minutes and feeling like a total badass

23-Steve’s first day of training at age 16, knowing he will soon be a cross checking master

24-Vic and Sara’s kids wearing me out on a Saturday with hooya burpees

25-Troy’s wife Sarah boxing with pink gloves, sorry couldn’t resist

26-Peter learning not to shave reps and knocking them out

27-Andy becoming a well versed firebreather and missing Rogue while at home

28-The perseverance and integrity of our future military officers, all of our ROTC men and women

29-Reithman making odd contraptions

30-Boyer leaving his lunch and shrugging it off

I could go on for days talking about the accomplishments of our clients as I am sure anyone that knows me will tell you. Here are some of my goals:

1-Compete in CrossFit Games

2-Compete in Highland Games

3-See Cara, Sara, Vic, Caroline, Heather, Jeff, Jeff K, Cat, Mike and Sherri do a pullup!

4-See J walk on to The Ohio State University Buckeyes Football team with authority

So often we want things the easy way, so all of us have done the following: Join Lifetime, Bally’s, Lifestyle or Gold’s The average gym member “works out” 3-4 times a month, our members train 3-4 times a week. They come to see the people, get instruction and to be motivated. You won’t see Hammer Strength machines in our gym because they don’t work, you will see equipment and methods that have been used for hundreds of years.

So come in tomorrow and put your goals on the board, it will be written with permanent ink. There is very little gained in life without accountability and absolute determination.

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