New Years Shindig

New Years Shindig

Since the Christmas Party was such a good time, we’re gonna do the same thing again for New Years. All you need to bring is side dishes or a desert and BYOB. We’ll provide the meat. We will have all sorts of games and good times going on. Make sure to get a cornhole partner, we’ll be putting on a cornhole tournament! ($20/team). Festivities start at 7pm! Don’t be an idiot either, make sure you have a DD or a cab, or just pack a sleeping bag and camp out on the turf.

Here’s the schedule for this week:

Monday -regular schedule

Tuesday – 9am only

Wednesday – closed

Thursday, Friday, Saturday – regular schedule

And here’s the workouts!

Monday-Clean and Jerk 5×2
EMOM finisher

*after each exercise is complete the remainder of the minute is for rest.

5 rounds:
6 KB Snatch Each Arm 53/35
25 x 4 count Flutter kicks
12 Burpees
25 DU or 1 full minute of Jump Rope

Tuesday “2014”
14 Minute EMOM
14 Back Squats 135/95 on even minutes
14 Push-ups
Finisher- 14 minute AMRAP
20 box jumps
14 Thrusters 95/65


Thursday 10-1 Partner Ladder
Push Press (155/105)
OH Swings 53/35
Weighted Sit-ups 45/25

Friday Deadlift 5×3
Gob Squat 53/35

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