New Winter Programs!

New Winter Programs!






Starting this January we are launching 3 new Winter programs at PSKC. The first two programs are for high school aged athletes. This year we are doing BOTH male and female programs. If your athlete isn’t involved in sports in the winter this is an incredible opportunity to increase strength and develop work capacity in the off season. Champions are created in the off season, and we are proud to be bring that opportunity to Portsmouth.


We are proud to announce that Luke Keller will be returning to work specifically with male high school athletes. Luke is returning from an incredible senior season at Morehead State where he will take his lessons learned from a Division 1 school strength and conditioning program and apply with your athlete.

The female program will be led by certified female strength and conditioning coaches at PSKC. Many of whom are area high school sports coaches and competitive CrossFit athletes. These women are incredible example of female strength and determination.



Lastly we are pumped to offer the CLIMB:

THE CLIMB is a 6 week challenge to Strength & Wellness. Fitness, Nutrition, and Life can no longer be put off till tomorrow. The Climb is a 6 week challenge designed specifically for men aged 35 and older to increase strength, confidence, and capability with other like minded individuals as a unit committed to crushing goals and achieving success. This program will be led by Coach Michael Longmire.

If you are interested in any of these programs please fill out the form below and denote in the comments which program you’d like to learn more about!



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