New Shirts and Feedback for Class Options

New Shirts and Feedback for Class Options

super soft…super comfy…super awesome

My boy John Steiner of Infidel USA outdid himself on this one. We wanted something that said we’re proud to be from Portsmouth, proud of the great state of Ohio, and proud to be an Infidel. These shirts definitely speak to that. Supplies are limited, so get them while you can. Best thing to do is stop by the gym and pick them up. For my out of town folks, email me at: and we’ll hook it up through paypal and get one out to you.

One thing we’re in the process of doing is developing better options to suit you guys. Our bread and butter will always be our standard strength and conditioning classes. Whether rookie or veteran you stick to these classes you will be a better human. We try to throw as many different disciplines into our programming as possible (kettlebells, bodyweight, Olympic Lifting, strength training, classes designed for those who like to do competitions, etc).

So what we’re thinking is taking the 6:30pm classes and making them specialty classes. For example a weekly template could look like this:
Monday – 630pm: normal class (competitor class – 430pm)
Tuesday – 630pm: 5/3/1 Strength Training (squat/dead/press) see more info HERE
Wednesday – 630pm: Advanced bodyweight skill development (rope climbing, Handstands, gymnastic ring work)
Thursday – 630pm: Olympic Lifting

You will be coached in each class and provide a little variety. We’ve had a lot of success with folks who attend the Olympic Lifting class and those who attend Zak’s competitor class dig it as well.

We’ve only been getting an average of 5 or so folks who attend the 630pm classes. We don’t want to take that away from you all. We just want to do the best for everyone. IF we do go to this format, we’ll still make the 630pm classes available for open gym, so you could come in and knock out that day’s workout.

As always, our best ideas come from YOU. So please hit up the PSKC Facebook page and let us know what you think!

P.S. Don’t forget we’re having a beginners program Tuesday at 630pm. Email to grab one!

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