New Pricing Plans & Options

New Pricing Plans & Options

For new members effective September 1st rates will be increasing to $65 +tax/month and $7/daily.

We are also adding extra membership options via 1, 3, and 6 month options. The longer the membership, the cheaper monthly average.

1 month – $65 single, $120 couple

3 month – $180, $350 couple

6 month – $350, $680 couple

In a year’s period we have grown from offering 6 classes a week to now over 11 classes a week, and plan to offer more. The increase in dues are in order to accommodate the extra classes, extra equipment, associated overhead costs, etc.


If you have been a founding member of PSKC (e.g. member during any point the first year), we want to reward your loyalty by giving you the opportunity to grandfather you into the current rate for the next year. I cannot express my gratitude enough for allowing the gym to be successful. The least I can do is keep your monthly rate the same. So starting September 1st, for founding members only we are offering the option to pay for next year’s dues in monthly or quarterly installments.

You will be locked into your currently monthly rate at $50/month. Couples = $90/month

Or you can choose the 3 month option of $150 + tax. Couples rates will be $270 + tax.

*If you decide you don’t want to pay for the monthly at any time during the year, at which point when you start back up you will be subject to the new prices. For example, if you pay your monthly dues for September and October..but don’t pay your monthly dues for November. When you start back up in December you’ll be subject to the new pricing. Therefore, in order to remain at the current pricing you must pay your monthly dues each and every month for the next year. 

You guys have been there for us since the beginning and we want to make sure we say thanks by locking you into your current rate for the next year. A savings of $180!

No one likes when prices go up, myself included..but it is a necessary evil. However, loyalty and gratitude are very near and dear to me as well. That’s why we wanted to ensure the founding members have the option to be remain at their current price for the next year.

Yes, I know you can go to any other gym in the area and the monthly average price will be lower if you do a year contract. But we don’t compete with other gyms, we dominate them. Essentially, your “membership” at other gyms is an equipment rental fee. That’s it… you don’t get provided instruction on how to do kettlebell technique, gymnastic exercises, olympic and powerlifting.

No where else in the area can you get what PSKC offers. We give you amazing instructors/coaches, we give you an amazing team and atmosphere, and most importantly we give you strength and the ability to do the impossible.

Feel free to hit me up on email or Facebook if you have specific questions.

Additionally, we will honor anyone that becomes a member between now and August 31st at the current rates. So if you’ve been on the fence about becoming a member and/or buying the monthly option. Now is the time! If you wait to after September 1st, you’ll be subject to the new rates.

Don’t forget…TOUGH MUDDER TUESDAY is tomorrow! It’s a doozy…you have the 9am or 6pm option. Start hydrating now! See you at the compound

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