New Cycle Starts Tomorrow

New Cycle Starts Tomorrow

We are starting up a new lower body and upper body cycle this week starting tomorrow. So it’s important you come in and establish your training maxes on Tuesday and Thursday. Tuesday will be deadlift and Thursday will be floor press.

A couple notes on establishing your training max:

Take plenty of warm up sets and gradually work your way up.

If you set a PR while establishing your training max…great. If not..great. This week isn’t necessarily about setting PRs. We want you to establish a solid number, but this shouldn’t be a significant emotional event. That will be come 6 weeks from now. The point of this week is locking in your form and establishing a training max to base your %s for this cycle.

If you’re new to lifting we can calculate your estimated 1RM of off 2-3-4 rep max. Get with a coach if you need further explanation.

So we’ll be seeing you maniacs this week especially on Tues/Thurs.

Beginners program for this week kicks off on Wednesday at 630pm. email to get you hooked up.

We will still have the Pain Clinic on Saturday. But it won’t be bring a friend day, we’ll do that later in the month. We’ve got around 20 folks heading up to the Arnold to compete at the Team Linda event. So come on up and root us on. We’ve got teams going from 10am to 2pm. So stop in the Crossfit room and show your love!

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