on the corner of Court & 3rd St. 

She’s officially ours! Over 6000sq ft of CrossFit awesomeness. Our members deserve the best we can give them and the new building will do just exactly that. We’ve come a long way in under 3 years. You all have invested so much into us, it’s time we return the favor. We’re here for the long haul. Gone are the days of wondering if we’d have enough people to cover the rent.

We’ve been blessed with growth and we are stepping on top of one another at the current gym.
We’re moving down the road to the historic Boneyfiddle district and we’re gonna reinvest in downtown Portsmouth. Just has CrossFit has given so much renewed energy to each of us, our goal is to spread that same infectious energy into downtown Portsmouth.

the crew enjoying a great 4th of July WOD

Our goal is to have a world class CrossFit facility right here in Portsmouth, Ohio. We are beyond excited at the endless possibilities the new building will offer. Here’s what we’re planning on having:

  • 40 feet of rig and racks
  • Olympic Lifting area
  • Beginners area
  • More Airdynes! (just kidding..well maybe not)
  • WIDE OPEN SPACE , plenty of height for rope climbs and plenty of width for rope climbs.
  • Competition Program
  • CrossFit Kids
  • More classes..

As far as perks go:
There will be showers, kitchen area, kids, area, lounge, wifi, and other great stuff.

Speaking of perks, we are now an official retailer/distributor for Reebok CrossFit gear! We’ve worked a special deal to get PSKC members a discount on anything Reebok CrossFit offers. Here’s what we gotta do. In order to get this going the gym needs to make a pretty big first order. At the gym, we have a couple catalogs floating around so you can see what you want. The biggest thing people are wanting are the Nanos, including the brand new Nano 3.0. Take a look at whatever want and remember you’ll receive your member’s discount off the MSRP, PLUS you don’t have to pay shipping/handling!

You will need to write down your order and pay BEFORE the order can be made. Once we hit the designated amount, the gym will make the big order and your gear can be on the way. We’re setting the deadline to have your order in by Monday, July 8th. After we make the initial order then you can order whatever you want/whenever you want. If you have any questions, email

Exciting things are coming! There will be a lot of hard work that needs to be done, but the good thing is that we’re not scared of hard work. We will be leaning on you guys heavily during the next couple months as we’ll be getting things together, so thank you in advance. From day one, we’ve said this is your gym and because of each and every one of you guys..your gym is gonna be awesome.

Don’t forget this Saturday is bring a friend Saturday! Bring a buddy for a free workout, just show up at 845am to sign the waivers and get ready for a great one!

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