Never Settling for Mediocrity

Never Settling for Mediocrity

The last couple of days have been rocking…full classes each day and people getting after it. Monday we worked the difficult skill of handstand pushups along with heavy kettlebell swings. We finished up with a 40 seconds work/20 seconds 3 round circuit of:
hand to hand swings
handstand kick ups
battling ropes
ring rows
jump rope

Today we worked on our Turkish Get Ups combined with pullups.

Alex doing his first TGU

After that it was a 3 round sprint of
10 push presses w/s
20 swings
30 sledge strikes
40 air squats
The top times were finishing under 9 minutes!

More importanly, on Monday in a true moment of awesomeness…B.A. (bad ass) Barb Coriell wanted a piece of “goldie” (goldie = 106lb kettlebell). She dialed in…and completed 5 swings with it. Swinging (or doing anything) with Goldie is a true accomplishment for anyone….but here’s the kicker Barb is a 51 year old mother of two!

(B.A. Barb is on the left) true definition of willpower and strength

Lots of time people will tell me “that stuff you do is crazy, there’s no way I could ever do something like that”. Usually, I’ll just smile and reply “you never know”. But deep down I know that person probably will never do something like that because they’ve given themselves permission to quit before they even started. What exactly are you going to do if you aren’t willing to subject yourself to that “crazy stuff”?

Another round of the weight circuit followed by some “light cardio”? Another set of bench press followed up by cable crossovers?…have you ever really felt proud about that? Has the entire gym erupted with cheers and applause when you finished 20 minutes on the elipitical?

I can tell you that when B.A went over to goldie the whole crew stopped what they were doing to watch her and then shouted like crazy when she finished….that’s the kind of atmosphere you surround yourself with when you come down to PSKC….hard working, positive, encouraging, everyone bonds together because everyone suffers together.

I’m by no means saying our gym is the only way, you don’t have to come to PSKC to bust your ass…but if you aren’t willing to test your limits and reach new goals on a consistent basis…whether you realize it or not, you’ve given yourself permission to settle for mediocrity…the same old s$#t day in and day out, never really making any progress or results. There is a different way out there…just ask Barb, oh by the way she can also climb a rope…

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