Mudder Monday Madness & Mobility Motivation

Mudder Monday Madness & Mobility Motivation

Tuesday’s aftermath…

Crossfit High Voltage from Epic Junction on Vimeo.

Pretty cool right? I love this video, it’s a great explanation of why we do some of the things we do. The whole reason to workout is to get better, not at just one or two things…but at everything that life may demand of you. You only get one body and one shot at life, make that body strong and capable, make that life awesome.

Stop being governed by what you cannot do…all it takes is some hard work and consistency coupled with some solid nutritional habits and you can become a very fit, healthy, strong and capable individual.

Mudder Monday Delight..

Monday came and she hit hard! Both the AM and PM crews got after this workout. Everyone knows Mondays are gonna be a long suck as those days are dedicated to prepping for the November Tough Mudder. But what I love is typically Mondays see the highest attendance throughout the week…speaks volumes about the members of PSKC.

Speaking of which, we are getting close to 3 teams who are going up to Troy Ohio, on Saturday, October 22nd to go have an awesome time at the Crossfit Back at the Ranch Competition. It’s not too late to get on a team or choose to compete as an individual. I promise you it will be a kick ass time in a very unique and supportive environment. So what the hell will you be doing? A little bit of everything, lifting, climbing, swimming, carrying, running, throwing…here’s a little taste.

Don’t think you can do make it through all that? Go read the first paragraph of this post…”stop living life according to what you cannot do“. There will be substitutions and modifications for everything. Trust me, if you sit this one out, once everyone gets back that following Monday and hear all their stories you’ll be regretting it big time.

Today was not to be outdone…we worked on ring dips, renegade rows, and split squats for strength portion. Then we hit up a very potent 3 round finisher of:
14 dual KB thrusters
12 KB Snatches (w/s)
10 Burpees

Finally, I’ve been highlighting the importance of recovery and mobility lately at the gym. One thing I’m gonna start doing is posting some incredibly useful mobility techniques from K-Star that you guys HAVE to do at home…the one below is my all time favorite.

See you guys tomorrow, we have the 9am and 6pm option!

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