Mo’s Lucky 7s

Mo’s Lucky 7s

Something very cool happened over the past weekend. The coaching staff at PSKC added more pieces of paper to the walls.

Ann, Shep, and Mo all officially became Crossfit Level I trainers! Everyone at PSKC is tremendously proud of them and their hard work. The end of certification test ain’t easy, ask any of the hundreds of people who have failed it…

The coolest thing is that before these 3 made the decision to become an instructor, they all demonstrated some very important qualities.

1. Flat out, they train hard….over and over and over again, they give it their all. 

  • They know what it’s like to suffer.  There’s nothing more disgraceful than having someone tell you do something that they don’t do themselves. Would you go to a dentist with jacked up chompers? Didn’t think so, then why go to a trainer/instructor/coach who doesn’t practice what he/she preaches? Over the course of the last year, I have watched these 3 attack these workouts time and time again….only to come back stronger and wanting more.
Perfect example of Mo and Shep coaching…where else do you get this?

2. Their lives have been changed.

  • I’m not trying to get over dramatic or throw cliches around. But each of these 3 have become immensely mentally and physically stronger, re-shaped their bodies, and changed the way they eat. And because of that power, they now have an intense desire to share it with others.

3. They love to help.

  • Not just in the gym/training sense. It’s in each of their personalities. They are shining examples of strength and compassion and they want to make everyone around them better. I’ve seen their faces light up when they teach the swing, pushup, pullup, etc.. their only measure of success is when you succeed. 
We are lucky to have these 3…and it’s just the beginning for them. Not only will they be leading additional classes, but they are available for one on one personal training if classes aren’t for you or you just want to spend some extra time working on your weaknesses. 
So Mo decided she wanted to program the workout. So tonight we got a taste of “Mo’s Lucky 7s”
Big congrats to the Snatchmaster Romanello for clocking a blazing fast time! Also, the Wizard lodged himself in the Machine’s throat. I think we found the Man of Steel’s kyrptonite! 
Don’t forget we offer a 9am class tomorrow on Tuesdays. It’s a great way to beat the heat if you’re available!
Being able to offer these morning classes is great! We can do this because PSKC is growing FAST. We are getting close to our 1 year anniversary and I wouldn’t have dreamed we’d be this far with this many members. No other gym in Portsmouth Ohio or the whole southern Ohio region has the talent, passion, and excellence that our instructors and members do. We’re not about taking your money and giving you bullshit in returen…we’re about the people and we’re about making our community stronger….we’d love for you to join the madness…
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