More Morning Classes and We’re 2 Months Out from the Gauntlet..

More Morning Classes and We’re 2 Months Out from the Gauntlet..

We are now 2 months out from the 2nd annual Gauntlet challenge! You can register by clicking on the upper left link on the blog or just go HERE.

We’d love to get some local business sponsors on board so we can truly make this event special. If you’d like to help out please email me at:

As promised, as we get closer we will release more details about what to expect. So here’s the general outline:

There will be a total of 4 events. You can expect…ANYTHING. We’ll go after strength, test your conditioning…and we’ll see just how bad you can endure the suck. Everything will be scalable. This isn’t a competition to see who is the “fittest on Earth” (although if Reebok wants to chip in we’ll definitely take the help). This is a chance to compete and have some fun around some generally awesome folks.

This is an individual contest. But that doesn’t mean you might be thrown on a team at some point and see how well you can work together….hummmmm…could get interesting. The only way to know for sure is to sign up and register NOW! At a minimum you’ll get a pretty sweet shirt!

Also, starting next week. We’ll be adding MORE MORNING CLASSES! So Monday – Friday you’ll be able to come down and get a 9am morning class in! And also coming later in the very near future we’ll be offering 2 classes in the evening. More details to follow! So go register for the Gauntlet so you can start training!

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