Monday’s Smoke and Simple Iron Truth

Monday’s Smoke and Simple Iron Truth

Truly an amazing day…we had 6 new folks come to the intro and get a little taste of PSKC’s Monday Smoke Session. We took a page from the Training Room and annihilated a triple triplet workout…

20 Seconds of work at each exercise non-stop for a total of 3 minutes. Rest a minute in between triplets then repeat…a total of 18 minutes non-stop work.

First triplet = snatch/swing weakhand, snatch/swing stronghand, pushups
2nd Triplet = high pull/clean, push press, situps
3rd Triplet = air squat, 1/2 burpee, mountain climbers

It was an awesome atmosphere in there today. My apologies for no photos, I too decided to throw myself into the smoke session at the end…

On a sidenote, a blog/website I visit daily CLICK HERE – SIMPLE IRON TRUTH operated by Rob Fusco, posted Derick’s story. As I devour much of Rob’s writing it was an honor to even be mentioned on his website. Rob has had the privledge of spending several hours training and learning at Gym Jones in Utah. Below is a clip of Rob doing amazing things with kettlebells and his people:

Rob’s writing is some of the best stuff out there, agree or disagree with him….the dude has talent. Below is an excerpt taken from his “about” section:
“Simple Iron Truth is a collective of real people who suffer to understand who they are and what they are truly made of.  
We use physical training as a vehicle to carry us deeply into those places within, searching for hints of truth as we go.
Not many are welcome into this because few possess the intelligence and heart to begin to see themselves as they actually are and then take steps to become something more.  
We are protective of what we do because it is rare.  We are suspicious of people because most are shallow, looking for acceptance and validation from others when they should be looking inward.  If this is what you seek, look elsewhere.
We believe in one another because what we do and how we train requires it.  There can be no other way.  There is no other way.”
And finally class update: This Thursday’s class will be held at 6pm. There is a great week of workouts programmed. Dave and Monica will show you the way…
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