Monday was a Bear

Monday was a Bear

First heat of the 100 yd powerwheel crawl challenge

Uncle Mike coaching me through with about a 1/4 of the way to go 

 On Monday we did a combination of some of the workouts I did while at the Training Room. First we started working on double kettlebell movements, we pieced them together into the “Bear Complex”. One rep of the Bear looks like this:
Double KB Clean – Squat – Press – Squat – Press

So essentially a double clean followed up by 2 thrusters. Then you finish it off with a pullup. We broke the rep scheme into an ascending/descending ladder 1-3-5-3-1

The PSKC Prodigy..this girl is going to be nasty!

The Wife close to 100% after recovering from some broken bones only a few short months ago

After that we finished it up with the Kettlebell Matrix, you have 3 minutes to complete the following:
Swings 5/5
Cleans 5/5
Push Presses 5/5
Squats 5/5
Thrusters 5/5

At the end of 3 minutes you start over again for a total 4 rounds non-stop. So the faster you get done, the more time you have to rest.

7pm Crew on the last round of the Matrix..note Mo attempting the 24kg!

And finally an awesome clip from HyperFit to get you ready for tonight.. See you animals at 6!

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