Monday & Tuesday

Monday & Tuesday

Big congrats to Shad Ford, the winner of the PSKC TGU challenge, last night Shad hit a TGU with the 106lb kettlebell earning him 12 free sessions and bragging rights for the entire West Side. 12 free sessions are stil up for grabs for the first female to hit a 70lb get up.

Monday we focused on skill development for the gymnastic knees to elbows exercise and the best all around exercise, the Turkish Get Up. This morning, I think it’s safe to say everyone woke up with some sore stomachs. Gotta respect the strength and core control that gymnasts possess.

We then ended in a 15 minute AMRAP of:
10 X one arm swings
8 X Push presses
7 X Knees to Elbows..
top record of the day finished at 11 rounds.

Brent didn’t want to be outdone by Shad’s get he threw 2 X 35lb kettlebells on his toes and cranked a pullup

Tonight we worked on double kettlebell strength in the first portion of the workout with front squats, presses, and pullups. There’s nothing better that demonstrates pure strength than good old fashioned squats, presses, and pullups. It was great to see people finally learning to incorporate full body tension to move the maximum amount of weight.

Renee showing pullups are for chicks too..

 After the strength portion we ended with a combination of two of the most hated movements; thrusters and burpees…mixing burpees and thrusters together is like having herpes and gonorrhea at the same time; it just burns and you want it to be over. We did them in a descending/ascending ladder format.
10 Thrusters
9 Thrusters
2 burpee
8 thrusters
3 burpees
all the way down to
1 Thruster
10 burpees

So that’s a total of 55 burpees and 55 thrusters. Mo took the top time with 6:36 with a 16kg bell.

Keep spreading the word guys…we’ll be having our weekly intro tomorrow at 5pm. Now is the time for change, no other facility in the area offers what we do. Come experience for yourself…see you guys tomorrow!

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