Monday Memorial Day: Burpee Mile

Monday Memorial Day: Burpee Mile

This Monday for Memorial Day, we will be holding a Burpee Mile. What is a burpee mile? We will start out on the Lane of Pain, travel down to the Ye Olde Lantern and back. The only permissible way of travel is burpee broad jumps. We will be on the pavement, and it will be hot, and it will be long.

A couple things you need to do prior:
1) Wear appropriate clothing. Get some heavy duty gloves and some sort of protective clothing to protect your legs.
2) Make sure you’re hydrated ahead of time!
3) Bring your iPOD if you want music
4) We will have a support vehicle following along, so feel free to throw extra clothing, water, supplies in the vehicle.
5) Be ready to embrace the suck. We’re doing this on Memorial Day for a reason. Use that 2-3 hours to really think and give thanks for all those who have given the ultimate sacrifice. Honor their sacrifice with your sacrifice.

*Lastly, be smart. For those that have registered for the Gauntlet, you really need to ask yourself if doing the Burpee Mile 5 days for the Gauntlet is a good/smart idea that soon before a competition. Only you can truthfully answer the question if the potential risk of injury is worth the reward. The Gauntlet is only once a year, you can do the burpee mile any day. If you aren’t doing the Gauntlet, then you’ve got no excuse.

So come ready for a little suffering at 0900 on Monday, May 28th. The rest of classes will be cancelled for the remainder of the day.

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