Monday Madness

Monday Madness

Tonight was all about the Turkish Get Up. It had been awhile since we worked this great exercise back into the routine. It was a great chance to for the veterans to hone their technique and introduce the exercise to the newbies.

We did a descending ladder of turkish get ups coupled with pullups. 5-1

team work in action

After the strength/skill portion it was time to hit up the finisher:

a 10 minute AMRAP of:

7 burpees
9 cleans
12 overhead lunges

Les Norris lunging it out
Always great to have Chris G in the house!

Please remember that the PSKC intros have been moved to Tuesdays (tomorrow) at 5pm. Please let your friends know! As now is the time to get in while they can be locked into the first year discount of $50/month. After September 1st, the prices go up to $65/month. So now is the time!

Speaking of Tuesdays, tomorrow is Tough Mudder Tuesday! I won’t spoil the surprise but we will be climbing lots of rope for the workout. A couple things you need to do..

1) Wear long socks so you don’t rope burn on the ankles/shins
2) Review your rope climbing technique! See below:

Don’t forget we have the 9am and 6pm options! See you at the compound

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