Monday 5pm Intro Class

Monday 5pm Intro Class

Just a quick heads up…

We are going to do a special Monday 5pm Kettlebell Intro Class….so if you haven’t checked out the PSKC madness come on down Monday at 5pm. No better way to combat the Christmas madness during the holidays than getting in some kick ass workouts. Knock out the intro class then stick around for the 6 or 7 strength and conditioning class.

Dave and Mo will be mastering the chaos for the next couple days as I’ll be down with good friends at Crossfit Legion getting crushed.

So here’s your homework for Monday….refining the kettlebell snatch.

Ohh..and if you think you’re tough…in kettlebell sport the standard weight for male competition is 24kg (53 lb)…set the clock for 10 min and see how many you can perform without setting the bell down. Here is what looks like a 100lb girl doing it…138 total snatches with a 24kg

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