Misery Loves Company – Saturday January 5th

Misery Loves Company – Saturday January 5th

This Saturday 9am on January 5th we are introducing the “Misery Loves Company” Pain Clinics. The first Saturday of each month we will put on a free bring your friend Pain Clinic.

The workout will be free of charge for your friends who’ve never checked us out. It will be a great way to “bond” and for them to see what we’re all about. So if you’ve got a friend or 3 that you’ve been talking to about joining the gym, there’s no better way to show them than by suffering together. So if you’ve got someone wanting to check us out, come down at about 8:45am to sign the waiver and we’ll get rolling.

Below is a glimpse into a typical Saturday Pain Clinic. Due to the new folks we will program pretty basic/simple movements and exercises. Note: simple does not mean easy (airdyne and rock holds anyone?)

Also, the first beginners program of the year kicks off tomorrow at 630pm. We have a slots available for those who want to start the new year right!

If you have any questions shoot me an email: dale@www.pskccrossfit.com

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