Min 2 Win It

Min 2 Win It


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Metcon (Calories)

On the Minute x 24 (6 RDS)

Min 1- 1 x round of Cindy

5x Pull-Ups

10x Push-Ups

15x Air Squats

Min 2 – 10x KB Snatches or Hang DB Snatches

Min 3 – Max Cals on Ski-Erg

Min 4 – Rest

-Repeat for 6 Rounds

-Rest is whatever time you have left in the minute after work is complete and every 4 Mins will be one minute of rest.

-KB’s or DB, 5 reps with Right Hand//5 reps with Left.

-Ski erg go all out for the entire min. You will have one minute of rest after ski, get after it.

-score will be total number of Cals.

“I would rather die of passion than boredom.” – Vincent Van Gogh

Certain times will challenge us.
Certain times will leave doubts.
But, how terrible would our lives be without them.
If we didn’t have those specific challenges, caused by our passions, would life even be worth it? Would it all be simply going through the motions?

We choose the hard path.

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