Midnight Memorial Day Murph Madness

Midnight Memorial Day Murph Madness

Every year at PSKC we honor and celebrate the fallen on Memorial Day by doing the Murph workout, named in honor US Navy SEAL Michael Murphy

1 Mile Run

100 x Pullups

200 x Pushups

300 x Air Squats

1 Mile Run

*wearing body armor if available

This year’s Murph will be held at 9am on Monday, May 29th. This event is FREE and open to all. Depending on your level – you can do mini-Murph (half the running and reps). The main point is that we take time to honor and appreciate the sacrifice it has taken to make our country free.

We are hoping as many folks from the community will join us to honor our Nation’s heroes. We run on a special route that begins and ends at the Scioto County KIA/MIA memorial. On the first run every participant takes a name from the wall and does the workout in their honor, on the last run they carry a rose to the wall in honor of that individual.

This year we have partnered with Christ’s Community Church to help raise funds to purchase a trac-wheelchair that will be donated to a local veteran on Veteran’s Day. To help raise awareness for the fundraiser – prior to the workout, a group of us will be attempting Midnight Murph Madness.

At 0000 hours on Memorial Day, you step off with a partner and begin as many partner Murphs as possible until 8am. 8 hours of continuous Murph.

Participants: Completing 1 Murph is difficult. Going 8 hours non-stop is another level. We won’t turn anyone away, but you’ve got to believe you have the ability to conquer it.

If you’d like to join the group of coaches attempting this, shoot us an email info@pskcstrong.com
We can’t wait to see you all Memorial Day at 9am!

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