20131211 PSKC 1SG

As you spend the day by the fire with your loved ones please take a moment to reflect on those deployed down range. Enjoy the time making Christmas cookies and sipping egg nog but take the time to say a prayer for our warriors who steadfastly remain on watch.

Our partner unit in eastern Afghanistan would like to pass along their sincere thanks to the members of PSKC who donated their time to send off 7 packages worth of CrossFit goodies. They received all 7 packages in time for Christmas! The soldiers are beyond thankful for the packages and they all were very touched to know that a group of strangers connected only through CrossFit would do something so caring.

From the Dark Horse Commander to each you…

“thank you so damn much for what you do”

20131214 DH7, 6, SSG Hunter Range

outfitted with PSKC patches

Enjoy the day and give your friends and family an extra hug and kiss for those who are far from home away from the ones they love. Never take for granted the home you have and the country you live in…all kept safe and protected by these men and women.


20131213 SGT Arreguin & SPC Taylor CrossFit

Yond thruster

20131214 Coaching Tinsley M249 PSKC

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