Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas!!

truly blessed…

I cannot thank you guys enough. This Christmas the PSKC family gave me two awesome gifts. Earlier in the week I got a badass Shop Vac garnished with a 24 oz Miller Lite. I spent 2 hours rocking that thing earlier today and it doesn’t disappoint. Then tonight the entire crew gave me a gift card to Now the hard part will be picking what to get..

This elf has the whitest legs of them all..
In all sincerity I cannot thank you guys enough. It is truly a delight to see you guys each and every evening. In the short 4 months we’ve been opened the amount you all have progressed is astounding. Just think back to when you first started swinging a kettlebell and now look at yourself.  
I cannot wait for what 2011 will bring PSKC….rest assured I will do my best to bring you guys the best…you don’t deserve anything less. 
Have a very Merry Christmas spending time with the ones you love celebrating the birth of Jesus. Also take time to remember those serving in harm’s way. 
We will back in ass kicking mode come Monday at 6pm! 
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