Memorial Day

Memorial Day

Monday was a very touching and special Memorial Day workout at PSKC. We started off the workout by asking a very simple question…

What did you do last year for Memorial Day, did it have anything to do with honoring those who gave their life so you may be free?”.

This year I wanted to make sure everyone knew the answer to that question if they were ever asked it..

To honor the sacrifice of Scioto County’s heroes, we did the Hero workout “Murph” in honor of US Navy SEAL Michael Murphy. To begin the workout, we talked about the 6018 US military members who have given their lives in the current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. We read aloud the names of the last six servicemen killed in Iraq and Afghanistan…

Staff Sgt. Kristofferson B. Lorenzo

Pfc. William S. Blevins

Pvt. Andrew M. Krippner

Pvt. Thomas C. Allers

Sgt. 1st Class Clifford E. Beattie

Pfc. Ramon Mora Jr.

After reading the names aloud we then played Taps..

the playing of Taps is emotional for all

After we played Taps each person started their mile run to the Scioto County Veterans’ Memorial. Prior to leaving the compound each person was to carry a rose or flag with them to be emplaced upon the memorial..

As they dropped off the rose/flower each person was to choose a name on the wall and memorize it as they returned to the PSKC compound. Once they got inside they wrote they name on the whiteboard and did the rest of the workout in that person’s honor.

Then it was time for the lion’s share of the Murph workout:
100 pullups
200 pushups
300 squats
*wearing a 20lb weightvest if it’s available

Then it was time for the final mile run back to the Veterans’ Memorial…

I want to send a big thanks to all those who participated and more importantly honored our heroes’ memory. Even the local paper picked up on it, although not 100% accurate on the details, the message got across. Click HERE

And here’s a little video of the Memorial Day Murph…

As you can tell, PSKC is far more than just a “gym”.

We will not settle for mediocrity, weakness, or the status quo.

We are a community

We are strong

We care


If this sounds like something you want to be apart of, we’d love to have you. The next intro class is this Wednesday at 5pm.

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