Expanding Member Services

Expanding Member Services

As we prepare to embark on our 4 year anniversary we’re really excited to expand and launch more member services. What we offer at PSKC is  much more than a workout of the day, we’re here to provide as many services as possible to make you guys better. Here’s a look at what we’ve got cooking for members.


Thanks to a great group of generous ladies, we are now offering a supervised kids room 6 days a week (Mon-Friday 530pm & Saturday 9am). Bring them down, drop them off and go hit it hard without worrying about what you’re going to do with the little one(s).

FOOD TALKS: No matter how hard you try, you can’t out train a bad diet. The problem is there’s so much confusion and misinformation what clean healthy eating is. No carbs or more carbs? Egg yolks are bad right but Diet Coke is good? Grassfed or grainfed? Butter in your coffee? Join Coach Ash for a revolving series how best to fuel your body for performance and health. Cost is $10 and we’re starting this Friday (8AUG) at 630pm. Email ash@www.pskccrossfit.com for more info!

CrossFit Kids:  The summer kids program was a blast and huge hit. Now that the school year is upon us we will continue the program throughout the year! We’ll be doing 3 after school sessions a week. Email mo@www.pskccrossfit.com for more info.

Olympic Lifting: Want to work on your Olympic lifting? Want to learn from one of the area’s most knowledgeable and experienced lifters? Email zak@www.pskccrossfit.com and set up an Olympic 101 course to really fine tune and enhance your technique.

REEBOK CROSSFIT GEAR: Did you know we’re an official Reebok CrossFit retailer? Want some fresh Nano 4s or any official Reebok Gear? We can order it for you and we hook you up with a little discount for being a PSKC member. Just see a coach at the gym for more info.

RECOVERY PRODUCTS: You have to recovery just as hard as you work out. We are now carrying some products to get you ready for the next training session. Formula O2, Stronger Faster Healthier Fish Oil and Protein, BulletProof Coffee and MCT Oil, Fuel 4 Fire, and Pure Pharma 

4 Year Anniversary Competition/Shindig!

Join us Saturday August 30th for a kick ass members only team competition and BBQ! It’s our 4th year in business and it’s time to celebrate. We’re still working the details but here’s what’s going to go down. The first thing on the agenda is a kids competition. The little ones have worked hard all summer so we’re gonna give them a chance to show off! After the kids comp, we’re going to put a FUN team competition for members only. It will be teams of 4, guys vs girls. Don’t worry about getting a team together. We’re going hopper style. Whoever wants to compete, your name will be thrown in a hat and your team will be randomly selected. Winners get bragging rights and free beer. The competition will be programmed for all levels. Afterwards we will eat! Bring your own beer and sidedish. We’ll provide the meat. We’ll break out the cornhole boards afterwards and celebrate the past year and the future years to come!

We’ve got a lot of things in development and we’re excited for the future. Thank you guys for being the best members and friends we could ask for!

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