MegaFit Monday

MegaFit Monday

PSKC CrossFit – CrossFit


1: Deadlift (6 x 1 @ 90% )

There is NO all out set today.


2: Dimel Deadlift (3 x 15 @ 30-40% of Max Deadlift)

Start at the top and lower the bar to just below the knee while shifting weight back to the heels. Explode back up powerfully and repeat.


3: Metcon (Time)

Partner up, you-go-I-go style. Each person will complete four (4) rounds (8 rounds total for the entire team). This is a sprint!


250m Row/Ski

5 Clean and Jerk (135/95)

*Mod 2*

250m Row/Ski

5 Clean and Jerk (115/75)

*Mod 1*

250m Row/Ski

5 Double KB Clean and Press (35/26)

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