Marine Corps Madness = Saturday 10am

Marine Corps Madness = Saturday 10am

It’s that time again! This Saturday we are hosting the USMC for another epic day of training. This time the PHS football team will be joining in the fun as well. Here’s the timeline for Saturday:
0900-1000 = Normal Pain Clinic
1000 – 1200ish = USMC event

We still need all the help we can get hosting future Marines from the Tri-State area. We need volunteers to lead mini-Pain clinic stations and team building events that these young men and women will be subject to. Anyone that has helped in the past will attest it’s truly a rewarding experience being able to help these future warriors out.

A couple administrative notes out. Contracts are available at the gym now. See a coach to get yours sign so you can be locked into your current rate before the new rates go into effect May 5th. Remember you must have two items complete in order to be locked into your current rate:
1) Enroll in autopay
2) Sign the 1 year contract

We will honor our rates all the way until May 5th. So that means you have approximately 2 weeks to get locked in. The beginners programs are filling up QUICK. Our next one kicks off this Monday evening. Email to reserve your slot.

Finally, this month’s “Bring a Friend” Pain Clinic will be Saturday the 27th. This will be the last time to get your buddy into the current rates! So kidnap em and bring them in!

See you guys this Saturday!

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