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Saturday, 18 June 2011 – 0900
60 future Marines ranging from West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio assaulted the PSKC compound for a half day of physical training and team development. It was one of the proudest days to date that we’ve had at the gym.

Once the Poolees arrived we assigned them to fire teams and briefed them on the day’s 3 Phase Operation.
Phase I (Infil) and Phase II (actions on the objective) focused on partner suffering (Pain Clinic) workouts and team building events. Within the fire team there was a team leader who received guidance from the instructor. After receiving guidance it was up to the team leader to develop a strategy and communicate to his/her fire team their plan of attack.

The in-brief

After each station/event, the team leaders changed allowing each poolee the opportunity to make decisions under stress and develop a plan. There were 10 total stations in Phase I and II. See below photo highlights..

Upon completion of Phase I and II, it was time for the final Phase III, Return to Base. During this last and important phase. The fire teams were to run a half time carrying an injured comrade. The 1/2 mile route included the Scioto County Veterans Memorial. Once the fireteam reached the Memorial, each member was to pick a name on the wall and always memorize the name and draw strength upon it when necessary.

It was a phemonal event. I cannot thank the volunteers from the club who dontated their time and energy to help train future warriors. Like I said, it was a very proud moment for me and one I will never forget it.

Also, it goes without saying….the WIZARD made a strong showing as well!

Big thanks to SSG Rogers for setting this up. Looking forward to many in the future. For those who are interested in serving in the military. PSKC will surround you with the tools you need to be successful. We love our military and will do whatever it takes to make them successful!

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