Mapache now comes in camo…we  must have one: 
the aftermath of Thursday’s Mapache Bomb

FANTASTIC WEEK OF TRAINING!!! You guys busted a tremendous amount of ass throughout the entire week. Here’s the training recap.

Monday was all about working heavy push presses followed by a finisher of 3 X 400m runs with 2 minutes rest in between.

for a small frame, the Pride of Sardinia can move some weight

On Tuesday we did some skill work on pullups and ring dips then we hit a nice lil combo involving swings, wall ball, and knees to elbows in the following scheme:

On Wednesday the skill development was the kettlebell snatch. Rookies worked on learning/refining this technical exercise while veterans worked on the even more tricky double kettlebell snatch. Then after that it was a brutal kettlebell circuit. 3 rounds of 30 seconds non stop of each exercise:
Snatch w/s
Push Press w/s
Reverse Lunge w/s
Row w/s
1 minute of walkouts

On Thursday, it was time to spread a lot of squat love to the folks of PSKC. Thanks to Henry when I was down at Crossfit Legion I got exposed to lung and leg damage courtesy of:
20 min AMRAP
5 Burpees
15 Front/Goblet Squats
25 Heel slaps/double unders

look Ma, no legs!

  Then Friday and Saturday we wanted to expose as many people as we could to the “whole lota squata”..
16 total minutes of air squats and holds. 20 seconds of work/10 seconds of rest x 8, repeated 4 times. Very wizard friendly and a true mental toughness challenge…

Feel use to cuss us each time you go to use the latrine….in all seriousness, continue to hydrate and do plenty of joint mobility over the weekend to bust up the concrete from setting in your legs.

You can do all the toughest workouts in the world, but if you eat like shit you’ll never be as healthy or at the opitium  weight you want to be. Quite simply, the results won’t come. We will provide you with the best strength and conditioning…but that’s only 1 hour. You’ve got 23 other hours to SCREW IT UP. So here in the next week or two..we’re just gonna sit down at the gym and talk about what you should be fueling into your body….here’s a hint, “if you can’t kill it or pick it, you shouldn’t eat it”.

In the mean time, here’s an interesting look at a what some people are taking in..

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