Liftmore 9.4.15

Liftmore 9.4.15

PSKC CrossFit – Liftmore (Olympic Lifting)


1: Split Jerk with 2 Second Pause (5 x 2 Climbing)

Dip the knees out and maintain a vertical torso. Pause at the “bottom” of the dip for two (2) seconds before exploding all effort into the bar and performing a split jerk.

2: Clean with 3″ Deficit (Work up to a heavy double)

Stand on mats so that your feet are 3″ off the floor. This reinforces patience as you will have to elongate the pull to account for the deficit. Ensure you keep your shoulders over the bar and sweep the bar back during the pull.


3: Metcon (Weight)

Complete 3 rounds of the following circuit (not for time):

a) 15 Reverse hypers

b) Barbell over head walk the length of the turf and back. (focus on maintaining external rotation and keeping the bar stacked over your ears)

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