Liftmore 7-14-15

Liftmore 7-14-15

PSKC CrossFit – Liftmore (Olympic Lifting)


Non-Heaving Snatch Balance (5 x 2 Climbing in weight)

Set the bar on your back in a back squat stance, without heaving dive under into the catch position of the snatch.
Focus today on foot-work. Slide the feet out NOT forward. Weight should be on the heels and outsides of the feet in the catch.


Snatch Pull + Power Snatch + Full Snatch (Work up a heavy set of the complex. )

All three (3) movements count as one rep of the complex
Complete at least six (6) sets of the complex. Slow down the first pull and focus on the finish of the snatch pull. Build confidence with the power snatch and then put it all together and nail the full snatch.


Halting Snatch Grip Deadlift (1×3@80%, 1×3@90%, 1×3@100%, 1×3@110%, 1×3@120%)

Focus on maintaining a consistent back angle. Today, we’re only pulling to the knee, pausing for three (3) seconds, and then returning the bar to floor.

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