Liftmore 7.10.15

Liftmore 7.10.15

PSKC CrossFit – Liftmore (Olympic Lifting)


Jerk Balance (4 x 4 Climbing)
Set back foot up in its finish position and leave your lead foot under your hips. Dip the knees out and down and dive under the bar by moving your lead foot to the finish position. Focus on landing with a vertical torso and ensure your front knee is stacked over the ankle and back knee is bent and directly under your hips.


Split Jerk with 2 Second Pause (3 x 3, 3 x 2, 3 x 1 Climbing in weight every set.)

Dip the knees out and maintain a vertical torso. Pause at the “bottom” of the dip for two (2) seconds before exploding all effort into the bar and performing a split jerk.
Focus on SPEED after you change directions (after the dip). Load up and stay tight during the pause.


Jerk Support (5 x 3)
This should be heavier than your max jerk. Utilize the safety spotter bars for the setup as shown in the video. Reset and re-establish your landing position between each rep as shown in the video as well. Intent is to gain comfort with heavier weight overhead.

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