Liftmore 6.19.15

Liftmore 6.19.15

PSKC CrossFit – Liftmore (Olympic Lifting)

Strict Press from split position (4 x 4 Climbing)

Treat as a weighted warmup (10ish minutes). Complete one full split jerk to achieve proper positioning, then proceed to strict press from that position while maintaining a vertical torso.

2 Cleans + 1 Jerk from the Blocks (2 + 1 x 7 sets)

Main Skill focus for the day (20ish minutes). Set the blocks up so that the bar is in the power position (mid thigh) using blocks and gray mats if necessary. Focus on driving the entire feet through the floor and finishing the pull. This is intended to train speed under the bar. You will not be able to cheat… 2 cleans + 1 jerk from this position. Push jerk is OK if you prefer.

Clean grip deadlift (5 x 3 @ 115% of max clean)

Set up and address this bar exactly the same way you would for a clean. Focus on maintaining and constant back angle and proper weight distribution during the first pull. If the weight is too heavy to maintain form, adjust as necessary.

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